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ecopro film and paper

Product Overview

Eco-friendly and low toxicity without compromise to photographic quality
B&W Film Developer

eco•pro Film Developer is a powder b&w film developer for very high image quality, fine grain and sharpness equivalent in quality and results to Kodak Xtol.
Development data for Xtol can be used for all films.
Dilutions: 1+0 (stock), 1+1, 1+2, 1+3.
Sizes: to make 5 liters

B&W Paper Developer

eco•pro Paper Developer is a liquid concentrate print developer designed to maximize the paper's natural image property with rich blacks and clear whites. eco•pro Paper Developer is an ideal general purpose print developer suitable for use with warmtone, neutral and coldtone fiber-based and resin-coated papers, and is further optimized to produce the maximum effect when used in conjunction with print toners. With most papers, prints developed with eco•pro Paper Developer will offer the widest range of tone (hue) shift when toned with toners such as selenium, sepia and brown (polysulfide). This is an avid toner's choice, producing creative effects while maintaining rich shadow density.
Dilute 1+9 for most applications, or 1+14 when greater control or economy is important.
Sizes: 32 oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon

Clear Stop Bath

eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is an odorless stop bath based on citric acid. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is dye-free, perfume-free and does not contain acetic acid. This stop bath quickly halts development and is compatible with all b&w fixers and a wide range of materials and processing techniques. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath can be used with a non-acid fixer such as eco•pro Neutral Fixer without any color change in the processing solution. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid stock which can be mixed on a one-shot basis, or made into working solution and reused until exhausted, with or without replenishment.
Dilute 1+31 for film and paper.
Sizes: 32 oz, 1 gallon

Neutral Fixer

eco•pro Neutral Fixer is a virtually odorless, non-hardening rapid fixer ideal for use with b&w film and paper. This all-purpose fixer is designed to expedite fixing and washing speed, whilst maximizing image quality and permanence. Fiber based prints can be washed to the highest standard with less washing time than other fixers, significantly reducing water wastage. pH is buffered at about 7 when mixed fresh, and is designed to resist acid stop solution carryover. Suitable for use with all b&w materials, including pyro and staining-type developers.
Dilute 1+4 for optimal fixing and washing time. For RC prints, 1+7 dilution may be used with extended fixing time.
Sizes: 32 oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon

Hypo Wash

eco•pro Hypo Wash is a washing aid supplied in convenient, highly concentrated liquid stock. eco•pro Hypo Wash works very similarly to Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent without the mess of powder chemicals. Unlike many other wash aid products being offered in liquid concentrate form, this product is designed to optimize the shelf life as well as the tray life of the solution. Select this dependable wash aid and don't run a risk with inferior products whose effects are invisible to the eye without laborious testing!
Dilute 1+19 for use.
Sizes: 32 oz, 1 gallon

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