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Clear Stop Bath Technical Information

eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is an odorless stop bath based on citric acid. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is dye-free, perfume-free and does not contain acetic acid. This stop bath quickly halts development and is compatible with all b&w fixers and a wide range of materials and processing techniques. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath can be used with a non-acid fixer such as eco•pro Neutral Fixer without any color change in the processing solution. eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid stock which can be mixed on a one-shot basis, or made into working solution and reused until exhausted.

This product is designed for use where a plain water bath might be unsuitable (eg. large multi-user darkrooms / acute control of development timing). We do not recommend the use of stop bath in the eco•pro workflow as it negates the time and water savings which the system is designed for. Please read the Fixing and Washing Instructions for more information.

1+31 for film and paper.

Varies depending on developer carry-over. In normal conditions you can simply use the working solution for a single printing session and dump it when you are done. In general, stop bath should have a pH of less than 5.5, so if you are concerned about it becoming exhausted you can test test it with a pH Test Meter or low cost pH Indicator Strips. If you do purchase indicator strips, we recommend buying ones which cover a wide range (eg. pH 0-14).

eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is available in bottles of 1 US quart (0.95 liters) and 1 US gallon (3.9 liters).

Safety Information
ecopro eco•pro Clear Stop Bath is formulated without toxic or harmful chemicals, to minimize the risk in case of accidental exposure or release in the environment. The formula is made with the safest alternative compounds, whenever possible, without compromising the image quality and reliable functionality; however, it is recommended to use all darkroom safety precautions including: wearing an apron, gloves and eye protection. Refer to material safety data sheets for more specific safety information.

Most small-scale amateur darkrooms may safely discard solutions to the sewer system with a large amount of water. Commercial establishments are subject to additional regulations regarding disposal of photographic chemicals.

It is strongly recommended that the end user of any chemical solution check with federal, state, and local regulatory bodies to conform with special disposal methods for used solutions to remain in accordance with the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

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