Special infrared film with sensitivity up to 820 nm with filtration. High resolution (160 lp/mm) at ISO 400 without filtering. Excellent tonality, very fine grain, superb detail in highlights and shadows. ROLLEI INFRARED is well suited for experimental, creative applications, and for scientific photography. Perfect exposures can be achieved using special infrared filters, leading to results with an unusual tonal range.

ROLLEI IR 400 can be inserted and removed from the camera in subdued lighting conditions. Complete darkness is not required!

Note: For strong IR effects, you must use a deep red or R72 filter.


Characteristics and application:

  • high speed panchromatic b&w film with special infrared sensitivity
  • large exposure latitude for use in all lighting and climatic conditions
  • special coating for improvement of film transport properties of the camera
  • suitable for daylight and tungsten light conditions
  • stable polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archival stability (LE 500)
  • excellent resolving power, very fine grain and high sharpness
  • especially suited for digital application for scanning
  • special halation effects (AURA effect) by longer exposure times

Technical Notes:

Film base: Accurate, tear-proof clear polyester material, 100µm, 35mm, rollfilm and cut sheet film material.
Film layer: Emulsion side: protective layer + emulsion layer + polyester base 100µm; Back side: NC = non-curling coating
Layer thickness: w/o layers 7,5µm Speed: ISO 400/27°
Grain thickness: RMS (x1000) 11.0 with Refinal developer, 5 Min, 20°C Resolving power: contrast-1000:1 lines/mm-160
Reciprocity effect: Reading of exposure in sec.: 1/10,000 - 1/2
Exposure compensation in steps: N/A
Compensation of development time: N/A

Characteristic diagram:
Spectral sensitivity:


It is recommend not to leave the film material exposed in direct sunlight, strong heat or relative high humidity.
Cooled stored film material should not be used until film is warmed up to ambient temperature.
– Unexposed film: Up to 24 months in cold storage by 8° C is recommend
– Exposed film: After exposure, please keep film in cold condition, processing as soon as possible is recommend


Rollei Infrared can be treated like any other b/w film and should be developed in complete darkness (do not develop by inspection!). It can be developed sucessfully in all standard developers. For recommended development times, please consult The Massive Dev Chart. To achieve optimal results, a test development is recommended.
Application of special infrared filters: RG 715 (HELIOPAN), #88A (KODAK) real sensitivity 25/15°. Other filters can be used with varying effect. In order to exclude IR transmission failure as source of error, it is recommended to shoot one exposure per row without filtration at ISO 400.

Technical Data Sheet: Rollei_Infrared.pdf*

*The official datasheet suggests an EI of 25 ISO for this film with a opaque 720nm IR filter (88A). The practical examples shown on the website, along with my own observations would indicate a much lower index. An ordinary 25A red filter gives you an EI of 25 and the 720nm IR filter -> EI 4 would be about right. Generous bracketing is a good idea! I tested the 400 ISO claim without filtration and for N development, it was spot on. [submitted by Chris Woodhouse ARPS]