Darkroom Lab Timer - User Guide


How to Edit a Development sequence

From the TEMPLATES menu select the development method you wish to use and proceed to the timer screen. Click the + button to save the timing sequence to your MY TIMES database. Next, click the EDIT button to enter the EDIT screen. You can edit all steps from this screen. All of the currently active steps are highlighted in BLUE.

EDIT the (1) Name, (2) Temperature and (3) Notes fields as required.

EDIT any timer phase by selecting the field. In this example the Reversal, Color Dev, Developer group has been selected, but the same applies to all timer phase fields.

Select a step by highlighting it. Modify the time by using the numeric selector wheel (H:MM:SS).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to screen size limitations, you may need to scroll down to see all available steps or the selector wheel.

You must modify the Agitation for each step individually. For no agitation, set all values to 0:00. In this example the Developer step is set for 3:15, the initial agitation is 10 seconds and the subsequent agitation is 10 seconds every 30 seconds. To delete any step simply set it to 0:00. Click SAVE when done.

More details on setting Agitation: MODIFYING STEPS


To REMOVE a step
– set the time to the step to 0:00.
To TURN OFF agitation
– set Initial and Afterwards agitation times to 0:00.
To TURN OFF sound
– reduce sound on handset or set handset to mute.

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