Full speed sharp developer ideal for push processing

Glycin-TEA 10%20ml
Potassium Carbonate12g
Water to make1000ml
Mixing Instructions: Glycin-TEA 10% can be prepared by heating 400ml of triethanolamine (clear 99% grade) to at least 160F and stirring in 50g of glycin. Top to 500ml with TEA. Requires significant stirring to mix. Glycin will keep in this form for a very long time, even in half-empty bottles. Should otherwise be protected from air. TEA Solution will be a pale brown with a slight yellow tint. After combining the mixture with water, the solution will be a reddish pale brown. When mixing the carbonate in, the solution will briefly become very red before reverting to the previous color. If aged too long (more than 24 hours, but activity will decrease within hours) developer will become a slimy dark brown. NB: As an alternative to making Glycin-TEA 10%, you can substitute with 2g of glycin and 20ml of triethanolamine, clear grade, added last.
Dilution: Use undiluted.
Usage: Use within a few hours when at the proper temperature. Will not keep.


A full speed, sharp developer giving moderate grain on traditional grain films, and increased sharp grain on T-grain films. It yields somewhat increased contrast in the midtones and highly compensated highlights, especially with traditional grain films. It is an ideal developer for pushing as longer development times does not make the grain significantly larger and the compensated highlights helps to increase the exposure latitude of pushed films. Special thanks to Jordan Earls for supplying this formula.
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