Kodak HE-1

Hypo Eliminator

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%125ml
Ammonia 3%100ml
Water to make1000ml
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence. Prepare immediately before use and keep in open container during use. Do not store the solution in a closed bottle as the gas evolved may break the bottle. Ammonia 3% can be made by diluting 28% household ammonia 1+9.
Dilution: Use undiluted.
Usage: Thoroughly wash print before use, preferably with a hypo-clearing wash aid. Immerse print in solution for 6 minutes at 20C. For maximum effect and to reduce any staining, add a small amount of Potassium Bromide to the working solution and use a hypo-clearing agent again after treatment. Wash for 10 minutes. After complete, you must use a toning solution to make the print archival.


IMPORTANT: This is NOT a formula for a Hypo Clearing agent. This formula is for a Hypo Eliminator which should only be used in extremely specific circumstances, when it is desirable to remove all traces of hypo. In normal archival practice it is NOT advisable to remove all traces of hypo.
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