Nelson Gold Toner

Gold paper toner

Part A
Water 125F/52C4000ml
Sodium Thiosulfate (Hypo)960g
Ammonium Persulfate120g
Cold water64ml
Silver Nitrate5.2g
Sodium Chloride5.2g
Part B
Gold Chloride1g
Mixing Instructions: To mix Solution A, dissolve the hypo completely before adding the ammonium persulfate. Stir the bath vigorously while adding the ammonium persulfate. If the bath does not turn milky, increase the temperature until it does. Next, prepare a separate solution starting with 64ml of cold water and add the silver nitrate and sodium chloride to it. Dissolve silver nitrate completely before adding sodium chloride. Once both solutions are cool, add the second solution (including precipitate) slowly to the hypo-persulfate solution while stirrring rapidly. Once Solution A is complete, mix Solution B by adding the gold chloride to water.
Dilution: Add 125ml of Solution B slowly to entire quantity of Solution A. Do not use until the solution has cooled and a sediment has formed, then pour off the clear liquid for use.
Usage: Pour clear solution into a tray supported by a water bath at 43C. This solution must stay between 38C-43C during toning. Make sure prints have been well washed after fixing prior to immersion in toner. Toning time is 5-20 mins and can be stopped depending on tone required. Refix and thoroughly rewash prints after toning. When working solution weakens, top up by adding 4ml of Solution B to the mix.


Useful for archival work or to produce subtle brownish tones on prints.

WARNING: Silver Nitrate is hazardous and staining to skin and material. Wear gloves at all time to avoid skin contact. Ensure respiratory safety when handling.
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