Hypo Alum Toner

Reddish brown toner

Part A
Sodium Thiosulfate (Hypo)480g
Potassium Alum120g
Part B
Potassium Iodide1.4g
Part C
Potassium Bromide1.4g
Silver Nitrate1.4g
Mixing Instructions: When mixing Solution A, the hypo should be dissolved first completely, then add Potassium Alum with constant stirring and boil for a few minutes or until it turns milky. Add Solution B to Solution A with constant stirring, then allow to cool. Mix Solution C in two separate containers, one with Potassium Bromide, the other with Silver Nitrate. Then slowly pour the nitrate solution into the bromide solution while stirring briskly. Once the combined Solution A and B has cooled, add Solution C to the mixture. Allow the working solution to stand for a few hours prior to use, then reheat to 43C.
Dilution: Use undiluted.
Usage: Tone prints at temperature not exceeding 43C, agitating occassionally.


To avoid split tones, ensure blacks are fully converted before removing print from solution.

WARNING: Silver Nitrate is hazardous and staining to skin and material. Wear gloves at all time to avoid skin contact. Ensure respiratory safety when handling.
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