Platinum Sensitizer

Platinum sensitizer for coating paper

Part A
Distilled water59ml
Oxalic Acid1g
Ferric Oxalate15.5g
Part B
Distilled water59ml
Oxalic Acid1g
Ferric Oxalate15.5g
Potassium Chlorate0.26g
Part C
Distilled water70ml
Potassium Chloroplatinate14.2g
Mixing Instructions: Always use Distilled Water. Add chemicals in specified sequence. Solution may be heated up to 120F/50C to aid dissolving.
Dilution: For average prints, use 14 parts A + 8 parts B +24 parts C. For soft prints, increase A and reduce B, for more contrast reduce A and increase B. Typical use is to measure parts in drops. An 8x10 print will require 50-100 drops.
Usage: Paper can be coated in daylight while wet but is sensitive to light once dry.


Stock solutions will keep indefinitely if stored in the dark. There are many variations of this formula and trial and error is required for best results. Some of the chemicals used are hazardous and should be treated with caution. Wear gloves, respiratory and eye protection at all times and make sure to discard any solutions or remaining powder in accordance with regulations.
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