Kallitype Developer

Kallitype process

Distilled water3000ml
Silver Nitrate260g
Citric Acid6.5g
Oxalic Acid6.5g
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence.
Dilution: 1+7
Usage: Immerse print face down and then immediately turn it over to break up any air bubbles. Development takes about 1 min, but leave print in the solution until clear and full tones appear. Rinse thoroughly, then fix in a very weak hypo bath for 3-5 mins. Wash thoroughly.


To make the very weak hypo bath add 1g Sodium Thiosuflate (Hypo) to 300ml water.

WARNING: Silver Nitrate is hazardous and staining to skin and material. Wear gloves at all time to avoid skin contact. Ensure respiratory safety when handling.
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