Bartolozzi Red Toner

Red toner

Ammonium Carbonate, saturated solution30ml
Copper Sulfate0.6g
Potassium Ferricyanide1.5g
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence. Make Ammonium Carbonate saturated solution by adding 90g of crushed salt to 300ml cold water, then shake as often as possible for several days. Any precipitate that forms when copper added to carbonate will redissolve into clear solution.
Dilution: Use undiluted.
Usage: Use immediately, solution will spoil on standing. Tone for one minute more than time taken until deepest shadow is converted. Wash for 10 mins, or ideally re-fix in acid hypo bath and then wash.


Any pink stain in whites can be removed by treating with a 1% solution of ammonia water. Do not use a stronger ammonia solution as it will destroy the color.
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