Chromium Intensifier (2-Part)

Intensifier for underdeveloped negatives

Part A
Potassium Bichromate25g
Part B
Hydrochloric Acid50g
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence. Mix Solution A and Solution B together just before use.
Dilution: Dilution can be varied to increase/decrease effect. The more acid in the bleaching bath, the less the intensification and the slower the reaction. For medium intensification use 4 parts Solution A + 1 part Solution B plus 5 parts water. For very mild intensification use 2 parts Solution A + 2 parts Solution B + 1 part water. For a stronger effect, start with 3 parts Solution A + 1 part Solution B + 4 parts water.
Usage: Bleach the silver image thoroughly until buff, then wash until yellow stain is removed. Redevelop in any non-staining developer.


Properly stored solutions will keep indefinitely

Potassium Bichromate is the same as Potassium Dichromate.

WARNING: Hydrochloric Acid is hazardous. Wear gloves at all time to avoid skin contact. Ensure respiratory safety when handling.
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