Blue Toner

Blue toner for paper

Distilled water 53C500ml
Ferric Ammonium Citrate8g
Potassium Ferricyanide8g
Acetic Acid 28%265ml
Water to make1000ml
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence.
Dilution: Use undiluted.
Usage: Prints should be fixed in a non-hardening fixer. You may also want to reduce the contrast of the prints as toning will have an intensifying effect. Immerse the prints in toner solution at room temperature until the desired effect is achieved. Wash in slightly acidified water (a few drops of acetic acid will do) to deepen the blue or use plain water to diminish the tone. For blue-gray tones bathe washed prints in a 5% solution of borax (5g. per L).


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