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Unlisted & Equivalent Films

These films are either identical to or duplicates of films sold under different brand names. Use the closest match shown to determine developing times.

Acupan 200 = Fomapan 200
Acupan 800 = Fomapan T800
Aiko Pan = Neopan 100ss
Agfa Silvertone = Agfapan APX 400
Arista EDU (old) = Fortepan
CHM 100/400 Universal (Fotoimpex) = APX 100/400 (New), RPX 100/400, Kentmere 100/400
Efke KB14/R14/KB25/R25 = Efke 25
Efke KB17/R17/KB50/R50 = Efke 50
Efke KB21/R21/PL21/KB100/R100/PL100(M) = Efke 100
Efke KB400 (old) = HP5+
Efke KB400 (2006+) = APX 400
Fine Art Pan = FP4+
Fomapan T200 = Fomapan 200
Fomapan 800 = Fomapan T800
FotoImpex CHM 100/400 Universal = APX 100/400 (New), RPX 100/400, Kentmere 100/400
FPP 100/400 EDU = Kentmere 100/400
Ilford SP816T = same emulsion on different base as SFX 200
Justice Angio = HP5+
Lomography 100 = Shanghai GP3
Fuji Neopan 400 Presto = Fuji Neopan 400
Fuji Neopan 1600 Presto = Fuji Neopan 1600
Oripan 400 = Neopan 400
Orwopan 125 = Ilford FP4+
Orwopan 400 = Ilford HP5+
Owax Positif = Svema Micrat-Orto
Phototec 100/400 = Fomapan 100/400
Rollei Universal 200 - use same times as Rollei Superpan 200
Silvertone = see Agfa Silvertone above
Spur DSX = Agfa Copex
Street Candy ATM 400 - use same times as HP5+
Vesta 100 = FP4+
Vesta 400 = HP5+
VestaMax = Ilford Delta

Unlisted & Equivalent Developers

Developers that are either identical, or chemically similar to other products. In some cases the developers are quite different, but share similar data. Starting point times can be used interchangeably.

A03 = Refinal
Adonal = Rodinal
AM74 = Rollei RHS (not DC) / Supergrain
APH 09 - use same times as Rodinal
Arista76 = D-76
Ars-Imago R9 = Rodinal
A49/Atomal/Atomal FF = Atomal A49
BER 49 = Atomal A49
Calbe F19 = D-76
Classic F09 = R09
CP Powder Film Dev (1+1) = Clayton F60 (1+9)
CPAC Trepan 1200T
Fomadon P = D-76
Fomadon Excel (W-27) = Xtol
Konicadol DP = D-76
Konicadol Fine =
Konicadol Super = ID-68 or Microphen
Maco Ecotol = Maco Ecoprint Universal
PC-TEA = use Xtol (1+2) times
R09 One Shot = Rodinal
Rodinal (old formula) = R09
Rodinal Special = Studional
Rollei D74 = Rollei RHS DC
Silberra AKFF = Xtol

Discontinued & Obsolete

The following films and developers are no longer in production. You may find more data in the main chart if the film has been recently discontinued. If you are developing old film which has not been refridgerated or frozen you will probably need to extend the times given here. If you have an old pack or bottle of any developer, it will almost certainly have lost some or all of its activity and should not be used without testing.


Academy 200
Acupan 200
Acupan 800
Agfa Ortho
Agfa Scopix IC 1B
Agfa Silvertone
Agfapan APX 100
Agfapan APX 25
Agfapan APX 400
Aiko Pan
Arista EDU (old)
Aviphot APX 200 S
Aviphot APX 400 S
Aviphoto Ortho 25
Azopan PS-21
Azopan PS-24
Bergger BPF/BRF 100
Bergger BPF/BRF 15
Bergger BPF/BRF 200
Bergger BPF/BRF 400
Bergger BRF 400+
Classic Pan 100
Classic Pan 200
Classic Pan 400
Efke KB14/R14
Efke KB17/R17
Efke KB21/R21/PL21
Efke KB400 (2006+)
Efke KB400 (old)
Fine Art Pan
Fomapan T800
FoMos 100
Fortepan 100
Fortepan 200
Fortepan 400
Fortepan 50
Fortepan Portrait
FPP 100/400 EDU
Fuji Neopan F
Fuji Neopan Presto 100
Ilford Universal 100
Ilford Universal 400
JandC Pro 100
Jessop Pan 100s
Jessop Pan 400s
Jessop Pan 400SX
Jessop R100
Jessop R200
Jessop R200 (127)
Jessop R50
Justice Angio
Kodak 4125
Kodak CFT
Kodak Ektapan
Kodak Plus-X
Kodak Portra 400BW
Kodak Recording Film
Kodak Technical Pan
Kodak Verichrome Pan
Kodalith 6556
Konica IR 750
Konica Pan 100
Konica Pan 200
Konica Pan 400
Lomography 100
Maco CUBE400c
Maco IR 820c/750c
Maco UP100p/PO100c
Maco UP25P
Maco UP400p
Maco UP64c
Oripan 400
Orwopan 100
Orwopan 25
Orwopan 400
Orwopan NP15
Orwopan NP20/NP22
Orwopan NP27/NP30
Orwopan NP55
Phototec 100
Phototec 100/400
Phototec 400
Recordak Dacomatic A 5461
Rollei Superpan 400
Rollei Universal 200
Sterling 125
Tura P100
Tura P150
Tura P400
Vesta 100
Vesta 400
Wephota NP 15
Wephota NP 22
Wephota NP 27


Aculux 2
Aculux 3
Adotech II
Amaloco AM20
Amaloco AM50
Argenti Hi-Tech
Argenti SPD
Argenti Ultra-ISO
Calbe F19
Econodev 2
Econotol 2
Efke FR-14
Efke FR-16
Efke FR-3
Efke FR-E24
Emofin Liquid
Ethol Blue
Ethol TEC
Ethol UFG
Fino S31
Fino ST33
Foma FV 29
Fuji Microfine
Fujidol E
Gamma Plus
Gradual ST20
Heico OS
Ilfosol S
Konicadol DP
Konicadol Fine
Konicadol Super
Lauder 761
Lauder 876
LP Docufine HC
LP Docufine LC
LP Lith
LP Supergrain
LP Xtratol XS
LP-Docufine HC
LP-Docufine LC
LP-Xtratol XS
Micro MF
Microfine FRPC
Mini Grain
Neofin Doku
Neofin Red
Neotenal Liquid
Neotenal Powder
Ornano MX
Ornano STD
Pro BW
Rollei RHC High Contrast
Rollei RHS High Speed
Spur HRX-3
Spur Imagespeed
Spursinn HCD
Spursinn SAM Classic
Super Fujidol-L
Tofen S37
Ultrafin Plus
Ultrafin SF

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