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Rollei ATP compared to Kodak Technical Pan in ATP DC Developer

General notes

Rollei ATP 1.1 (V1) and Kodak Technical Pan were exposed at 25 ISO and 50 ISO and developed in ATP DC developer for 6 minutes at 20°C/68°F.

Original Image


Rollei ATP 1.1 (V1), 25 ISO

Rollei ATP 1.1 (V1), 50 ISO

Kodak Technical Pan, 25 ISO

Kodak Technical Pan, 50 ISO

Note: NO sharpening or manipulation has been applied to these enlargements.


ATP DC developer is specifically matched to work with Rollei ATP film, so it is not surprising that the results are superior when compared to Kodak Technical Pan, which has a different characteristic curve. Additional tests are needed to compare these two films in other developers so that their relative merits can be assessed; however, it is clear from these examples that Rollei ATP 1.1 is capable of producing excellent results on a par with Technical Pan. In ATP DC developer ATP 1.1 is less grainy than Technical Pan, and displays equal or greater resolution.

The full frame image above is of ATP exposed at 25 ISO and developed in ATP DC 1+11.5. Other full frame images of ATP exposed at 50 ISO and Technical Pan exposed at both 25 and 50 ISO are not included here because they show very similar results when viewed on a monitor. To view a full-frame comparison of these two films, please go to the next set of examples.


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