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GrainVery FineModerate
IR SensitivityGoodStrong
Daylight LoadingYesNo
Resolution160 l/mm110 l/mm
ISO/ASA for IR2525
Compare toSFX 200, Konica InfraredKodak HIE
Pro +
  • Far superior in terms of fine grain, contrast and sharpness
  • Clear polyester base best for archiving and scanning
  • Excellent 400 ISO film without filter, ideal for shooting normal and IR images on the same roll!
  • Milder IR effect can produce more effective images
  • Withstands machine processing at high temperatures (40°C)
  • Unrivalled quality control and batch consistency
  • Easy daylight loading. No black bag needed.
  • Easier to obtain IR effects with standard red filter
  • Graininess and low contrast create textural dreamlike quality
Con -
  • Requires Deep Red or Opaque filter for IR effects
  • IR effect limited when IR levels are very low
  • Polyester base can be hard to load if reels are damp
  • Requires absolute darkness when loading camera (35mm)
  • Base fog and grain make for difficult scanning
  • Grainy and lacking contrast
  • Emulsion not suitable for machine processing above 25°C
  • Highlights can blow out easily
Rollei Infrared IR400, ½ sec, f.16[+]Efke Infrared IR820, ½ sec, f.16[+]
Evaluation and comparison

by Daryl Duckworth

Efke IR820 and Rollei Infrared IR400

A series of exposures were taken with a 135mm Symmar-S at f/16 using a Hoya R72 filter.

All films were all developed in ACU-1 (1+5) for 12 minutes.

1200 dpi scan detail shows the Rollei Infrared IR400 to be far superior to the Efke IR820 with regards to grain and tonality

Photographs ©Daryl Duckworth. All rights reserved

Rollei @1200dpi

Efke @1200dpi

Note: All results have been provided by independent testers. Scans and images have NOT been manipulated.

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