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25 ISO Film Comparison

Rollei Pan 25


Agfa APX 25


Efke KB 25


Rollei Pan 25 exhibits the finest grain and longest tonal range. The grain in these examples of Rollei Pan 25 and those below is exceptionally fine and compact, and may be the finest of any film currently available. Highlight details are rendered with far greater subtlety than the other films, and mid-tones are better separated. APX 25 has more inherent contrast then the Rollei film. Exposure latitude of the films is broadly equal, although Rollei Pan 25 retains more shadow detail when underexposed, particulary compared to Efke KB25. Grain of Efke KB25 is the most pronounced, although acceptable. Acutance of Efke KB25 is weak compared to both the other films.

Rollei Pan 25@2900dpi

Agfa APX 25@2900dpi

Efke KB 25 @2900dpi

These enlargements show the contrast and tonal separation in the shadows and mid-tones. Rollei Pan 25 outperforms both APX 25 and Efke KB25, although both latter films have more inherent contrast. Separation of the black ironwork from red bricks is much clearer with Rollei Pan 25, and the ironwork itself appears to be more three-dimensional. Efke KB25 also suffers from lack of sharpness when compared to APX 25 and Rollei Pan 25.

Technical notes:
Film was developed in Agfa Rodinal 1+50 for the recommended time.


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