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MultiOrtho Litho Film 16x20/25 sheets

MultiOrtho Litho Film 16x20/25 sheets
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MultiOrtho Camera Film is a standard type high resolution film developed for camera copydot/halftone and line work.

  • High speed processing
  • Image sharpness equivalent to that of lith systems.
  • Line work produces sharp images that resist pinholes and paste-up marks. Less need for opaquing.
  • Excellent reproduction of the gradation for both positive and negative copydot/halftone work.
  • Because of excellent processing adaptability, processing in any processor provides consistent high quality results.
  • High sensitivity that is optimum for camera copydot/halftone and line work. Wide exposure latitude for adaptability to any type of original.
  • Polyester base provides excellent dimensional stability.
  • Absorbs very little ultraviolet light. This reduces the exposure times to photoresists, PS plates, and photosensitive resin plates.
  • Suitability for through-the-base exposures allows the use of a single camera for making both offset-printing and relief-printing negatives.

Exposure Index

Light SourceISO Equivalent
*Through-the-base exposures require 1.8 times the normal exposure amount.

Spectral Sensitivity



Red safelight filter with 20 watt bulb. Handle film at a distance of at least 3.5 feet away from the safelight.

Automatic Processing

Developer95°F — 30 sec.
Fixer95°F — 28 sec.
Wash77°F — 27 sec.
DryMax 112°F — 36 sec.

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