Darkroom Lab Timer - User Guide


Using Templates

TEMPLATES are designed to get you started on creating your own processing times. The app allows you to set up to 25 steps in sequence with individual time and agitation for each step, so you can use the timer with virtually any darkroom process!

To get started, select a template which is identical or similar to the process you wish to use. Generic versions of each process (C-41, E-6, RA-4, B&W Film, B&W Paper are included along with the most common brands. Most of the color processing times are pre-set for Rotary processors (JOBO etc...), but you can modify these times easily for manual processing.

Pre-installed Templates:

Don't see the process you require? No problem, just choose the nearest match and click +/Edit.

Modify the Template as follows:

  1. Change the name of the process in the Name field. For example, if you might want to call it "Kodacolor Gold 200 @ 100 ISO" or "C-41 Tetenal Colortec - Sheet Film in Tray"
  2. Using the instructions supplied with your chemicals, turn off all unwanted steps by setting them to 0:00. Activate the steps you need by dialing in the required time. Active steps will appear BLUE in the workflow.
  3. Set Agitation for each step as required.

*Please note that due to screen size limitations, you will need to scroll down to view all of the options.

For help modifying a process: EDITING INSTRUCTIONS

For help setting step sequences and agitation: MODIFYING STEPS

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